Baron Johnson, Ph.D.
Aerospace / Flight Test Engineer
Dynetics, Inc.
Huntsville, AL
(352) 339-5272


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Loudenslager Shark
Designed & scratch built 38.8% scale model of the unique and exotic Loudenslager Shark aerobatic aircraft.  Features a retractable ventral fin to minimize spiral slipstream prop effects, create more similar behavior between upright & inverted high angle-of-attack flight, and maximize rudder area within propwash during flight operations, but retract to provide landing gear clearance for takeoff and landing.  Both ventral and dorsal fins are full-moving flight control surfaces actuated with a timing belt pulley system on nonmetallic ball bearings.  Used 2D & 3D aerodynamic prediction software to aid in design.  Click here for the Flying Giants Leading Edge article about the Shark with more pictures and information.
Electric Vibe 90
Converted .90-size nitro-powered helicopter to electric power system for F3C competition.  Utilizes custom parts and modifications to accommodate electric power system.  Also features several custom modifications to save weight.  Flying weight is comparable to nitro version with full tank of fuel.  Flight time is 10-12 minutes hovering or 8 minutes performing F3C flights (half hovering & half forward flight aerobatics).  Won 2008 F3C Class I National Championship with perfect round score.
Micro Eagle
A 1/20 scale model of my father's full scale Christen Eagle.  12" wingspan, flying weight of 1 oz.  Built of balsa wood with LaserJet ink transfer for decorations.  Features electric propulsion with single Li-Poly cell.  Rudder & elevator actuated with magnetic actuators.  Click here to view RC Groups thread about the Micro Eagle with more pictures and information.